Pure Executive Search is a next generatio n executive search firm with a green mindset.

Pure Executive Search helps companies in the sustainability sector to acquire the best green executives and top talent. We are specialised in building management teams for small & mid-sized ventures. We also focus on investment management positions for private equity firms and business development roles for multinationals.

We help our clients in many ways. We strive for cross-fertilization within the green venture network. We bring companies together to share best practices. And we connect our clients to potential investors.

We combine professional experience and extensive industry knowledge with an unparalleled network of executives. Our access to the business leaders of the green world is unrivalled and can be utilised for the benefit of our clients.

Today’s key words are sustainability and humanity. More and more employees are embracing these values, eager to make a difference. Younger people in particular sense that they have the chance to be part of something historic.
This is why, increasingly, people are indicating that the companies they work for, and the products they buy, should demonstrate concern for the environment. Current and potential employees are starting to associate a “good company” with a “sustainable company” and people like working for “the good guys”.

It is our goal to have a positive impact on the environment by driving sustainability in organizations. We believe that Pure Executive Search can be a powerful force to drive this change. Finding the right people for companies is crucial since people determine the success of the business. By connecting executives and investors to green companies we can help our clients to achieve competitive advantage and we accelerate the development of groundbreaking green innovations and new products.

It is our ambition to be a leading executive search firm in the area of sustainability. Sustainability is not just limited to our client’s business but is also reflected in how Pure Executive Search does business. We want to be PURE in business. We believe that long-term success can be achieved by adopting a philosophy that focuses on people, the planet as well as profit.

We work with client companies of all sizes and life stages from those who have first round funding to multinationals. What they all have in common is the requirement to find the best leaders to drive their business forward.

    We aim to help our clients with:

  • The identification, assessment and selection of green executives;
  • The connection to green top talent (open introductions);
  • Introductions to investors or potential customer organisations;
  • Insights into the green labour market;
  • Best practices between green companies.

A selection of our current clients include:




    We focus on the following sectors:

  • Renewable Energy - Companies that develop and empower production of energy from renewable sources including wind, solar, bio fuels and wave;
  • Clean Technology - Companies driving “green agenda” improvement and efficiency through new technologies and processes;
  • Sustainability - delivering key personnel for organisational change to meet the sustainability agenda.


The candidates in our network are executives and top talent who either have green mindsets (they want to have a positive impact on the environment) or green skill-sets (the manual or technical skills to make that positive impact). For example, people who can develop the strategy of the next-generation wind turbine company, conduct energy-efficiency audits, build the smart-grid infrastructure of the future, or offer green mortgages.

They are ambitious, entrepreneurial people – in their thirties and forties- who are innovative and able to handle risk. They are inspiring, goal oriented and have the capacity to get things done.

    How we can help our candidates:

  • We fulfil the role of an external career coach. We offer them a professional sounding board and expertise with regard to green career opportunities;
  • We help them with the preparation of their CV and interviews;
  • We provide introductions to green companies (concrete interviews for vacancies or open introductions);
  • We coach them along the way to their desired job.

Are you an experienced executive (manager or professional) or a talent with a green mindset? Do you have the ambition and the qualities to work for a green company? Please send us your CV, together with a brief motivation. We will be in touch soon afterwards for a follow-up.

Pure Executive Search

Imke Lempers
T +31 (0) 653443769
Skype: imke.lempers
Chamber of Commerce under No. 51833387.

Pure Executive Search is located in theGROUNDS Incubator. Well connected to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, theGROUNDS Incubator offers full-service, flexible office space for innovative companies and organizations that see challenge and opportunity in the airport’s climate goals to create new business solutions. It is a lively community active in the field of sustainable airports and sustainable aviation. theGROUNDS Incubator enables parties to collaborate in developing sustainable sites and new ventures focusing on renewable energy, water and waste solutions, mobility and logistics.

Stationsplein NO 418 Constellation Building, 1e verdieping links, 1117 CL Schiphol-Oost. 020 - 6012840

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After completing her secondary school, Imke studied one year at the University of North Carolina. Because of her interest in the mind and behaviour of people she subsequently opted for studying Psychology at the University of Amsterdam, from which she graduated in 1996.

After her studies she developed a human resource career within the professional services industry. She started as a recruiter for the Global Management Program at ING Group. In 2000, she moved to McKinsey & Company as Sourcing Officer and later Recruiting Manager. During this time she was responsible for the development and implementation of the sourcing and selection strategy of strategy consultants.

In 2007, Imke moved to the executive search sector. Firstly as part of an executive search firm and since 2011 as a green entrepreneur. Imke is driven to enable sustainability in organizations by connecting executives and investors to green companies. Her ambition is to define, discover and recruit green executives in an age where sustainability is transforming business.