Meridia – Nonexecutive chairperson of the board

Meridia is a social venture with the knowledge, expertise and technology to offer land mapping and land titling services at scale. Their mission is to secure land rights for land holders in rural and peri-urban areas as having land rights is a crucial step towards sustainable development in upcoming economies.

Meridia was founded in 2015 (then called Landmapp) with the intent to provide affordable land documentation to the people who need it the most, families living off land in places like Ghana and Indonesia. These families are smallholder farmers, the very ones producing the worlds food, such as rice, coffee, cocoa, palm oil and tea. Not only do these farmers produce our food. They are also first in line to protect the world’s forests, as they often live in or around the rainforests that are critical for maintaining biodiversity and combatting climate change.

The position

In order to become the leading global land titling company, we are currently looking for an experienced nonexecutive chairperson of the board to guide the management on the path to growth. (S)he will lead the board, keep the members focused on the objectives, shape meeting agendas, lead discussions and, occasionally, serve as a board spokesperson. (S)he will help to strengthen the governance and support the company leadership in general.