Our method

We dive into your organisation

A visionary CEO needs a sturdy CFO. A start-up needs experience. At Pure Executive Search, we therefore really immerse ourselves in an organisation. What is needed to take a company to the next level? What steps are required to professionalise the business?

And because we are convinced that people and teams determine the future success of every organisation, we also look at your corporate culture, team composition and characters. Only when we know exactly what it is you need, we’ll start looking for exactly the right person in our extensive network.

Our recruitment and selection in 5 steps

To make a sustainable concept into a success, we help companies convert their strategy into the right people and team compositions:

Step 1: what is required?

First of all, we immerse ourselves completely in your company’s operations and culture, and thus the recruitment need. After an extensive orientation, we process all the relevant information in an elaborate job profile. We describe both the current situation within your enterprise, the tasks and responsibilities of the candidate, and the necessary hard and soft criteria. After your approval, this job profile forms the basis of our recruitment and selection.

Step 2: We start looking for candidates

We find our candidates within our own professional network, our breeding ground for green talent and through systematic research.

Step 3: We make a longlist

We make a first selection based on the hard criteria of what your company is looking for. We then make a list of 10 to 12 people who meet these criteria.

Step 4: We make a shortlist

Together, we discuss the longlist and decide to invite 5 to 6 people for an interview at PURE. During those interviews, we assess whether the ambitions, character and social skills of the candidate match with the team and the corporate culture. Based on these interviews, we suggest 3 to 4 candidates for the position.

Step 5: you make your choice

For each candidate, we draw up a compact report with impressions, observations, plusses and points of interest. You can use this report as input for your interview with the candidate. We invest in the relationship with candidates during each step of the recruitment process. Thus, we are able to signal and address any doubts about your vacancy in time. When you choose one of our candidates, this candidate will be eager to come and work for you.